ego likeness (ego_likeness) wrote,
ego likeness

Ego Likeness Spring shows update

Feb 20th Wicked Faire W. Voltaire and Hopeful Machines
Hopeful Machines plays Saturday 12 Noon
The Dark Clan performs (Donna performs as a special guest on one song) @ 2 pm
Ego Likeness q and a in the Cheshire Room @ 6 pm
Ego Likeness plays Saturday night 10 pm
Feb 28th Electronic saviors benefit, Springfield VA @ Jaxx w. Terrorfakt, Ego Likeness, I:Scintilla,Interface, Boole, Sonic Foundry, XuberX, Cyber Strukture

March 4th, Washington DC @ DC Star w. Bella Morte
March 13th, Raleigh NC @ The Brewery w. Some Desperate Glory, America's Most Rotten, The Ludovico Technique
March 26 Portland ME @ Plague at The Asylum
March 27th Salem Mass, @ Darq Salem at The Bangkok Paradise

April 1st Pittsburgh, PA @ Fate Lounge w. ANGELSPIT!!!!!
April 2nd Richmond, VA @ Fallout w. ANGELSPIT!!!
April 9th Ithaca, NY @ The Haunt w. Blacktape for a Blue Girl
April 10th Providence, RI @ Club Hell w. Blacktape for a Blue Girl
April 13th Breedless is released in the US (Metropolis)
April 16th Breedless is released in Europe (Dependent)
April 21st Springfield VA @ Jaxx with Assemblage 23 and Angel Theory

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